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Marble Surface
About Estelles Spells

Estelles Spells is a safe space for those who are strange & unusual, don't fit into the regular mold, and march through life to the beat of their own drums. Here you will find candles, crystals, & more to help better express that side of yourself. I like to think of my creations as little reminders to be true to your unique sparkle of light in this big world. The herbs & crystals used in my creations all have unique intentions of their own, this mixture is what brings the magick together. All items are paired perfectly to use with manifestation rituals, meditation, journaling, or simpIy a companion for while you are painting/studying/working your 9-5. 

As a painter I see all of my candles as unique pieces simply using a different medium, therefore every candle is one of a kind. They all have a unique shine of their own! 

Blessed Be - Miss. Estelle

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